Grid EA - This is a multi-grid EA for MT4. It is fully adjustable and deals only with price action. It uses no indicators. Contact us for details.

Universal EA - This is an EA for MT4 that uses all standard Metatrader 4 indicators like MA, MACD, Stochastics, RSI, and so on. Each indicator is adjustable and can be enabled or disabled. There are other features like money management, timer, break even, and more. Contact us for details.

MT4 Trade Copier - This is a 'local' trade copier system for MT4. By 'local' this means that it will copy trades for all MT4 platforms running on the same computer. It will not copy trades over the internet. It is useful for copying trades from vendors who provide investor mode access to their EA's. It is also useful for account managers who manage multiple client accounts at the same time. So instead of placing an order on multiple platforms, all you would need to do is place a trade on one account and it would copy the trades to all other accounts automatically. Contact us for details.

Auto COG Indicator - This is a more advanced version of the typical Center of Gravity indicator. It will cycle through a certain amount of candles (adjustable) and find the most efficient value to use. It will then use that value and apply it to the current candle. So each new candle will produce new lines. The lines are drawn at the beginning of the candle and there is no repainting. There is only 2 input variables that control the min. and max. number of past candles that the indicator will use. The lines it draws will act like support and resistance lines. They are also good market reversal areas. Click here for (FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

Pip Movements v1.3 - This is an indicator that counts the pips of each candle on the chart including the current candle. The count is based in points. It then displays the count above/below each candle. It also paints the candles certain colors depending on whether the candle was bullish or bearish. Please note that it does not count candles that are neutral (candles that have the same open and close price). Click here for (FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

ZigZag_SR_Lines_v1.0 - This indicator draws support and resistance lines from the tops and bottoms of the ZigZag indicator. The ZigZag settings are adjustable and so are the colors for the lines. Click here for (FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

4_Level_ZZ_Semafor_v1.0 - This indicator is a customized version of the '3_Level_ZZ_Semafor' indicator. It works the same way. It has 4 different groups of settings for the ZZ and some unimportant inputs have been removed. Click here for (FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD)

More MT4 programs coming soon! Please check back again.

Our Services

free_fx_spacer Forex (FX) Programming- We are highly experienced in all types of Forex programming for the popular Metatrader platforms. We offer a totally free programming service and never request any type of payment! Our services include programming, modifying, and decompiling all types of Metatrader programs like Expert Advisors (EA), indicators, and scripts.


free_fx_spacer 100% Free- We do not want to bill, send invoices, or ask for any money whatsoever. Our services are totally FREE. We are financially compensated in 3 ways.
1) We refer traders to certain Forex brokers and these brokers pay commissions to us in return.
2) We will accept voluntary tips or donations in the event that somebody cannot open a new trading account.
3) We receive advertising revenue for ads places on the website.


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1. Do you guys really work for free?
2. What process do I need to follow so I get my programming done free?
3. What type of work can you do?
4. How long does it take for my program to be delivered?
5. How will I receive my program when it's done?
6. Who will own the program once it is done?
7. Do you guys provide support for the programs you make?
8. I see a problem with the program. What should I do?
9. How many times can I get free programs made?
10. Is my information and strategy confidential?
11. Why was my job rejected?
12. Can I make a donation?
13. What brokers do you work with?
14. I can't open an account with one of your brokers. Can I pay instead?
15. Why do you not accept phone calls or do online chat?
16. Do you have any free Forex products available?
17. How should I know that you can do my job correctly?
18. I was given a quote that I need to pay. If your service is free then why?